Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tim Minchin - !@%# his Pope Song

Comedian Tim Minchin will be in Brisbane in March. Like many comedians he's sometimes funny and sometimes a complete tosser. Minchin's "Pope Song" shows just how ugly the comedian can be. The "Pope Song" is a completely unwarranted attack on Pope Benedict XVI filled with one lie after another. Given Tim Minchin declares himself a fan of Richard Dawkins one shouldn't be surprised at his difficulty with facts.

Tim Minchin's "Pope Song" with a running commentary can be seen below.
Click the "YouTube" or expansion button for a better view. Warning - much swearing.

Of course there is no credible evidence that the Pope is guilty of anything Minchin accuses him of. So why write the song, if not to give expression to his own bigoted anti-Catholic feelings.

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