Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Government Enabled Killings both in Pennsylvania and Victoria (and Queensland?).

From Pennsylvania an example of the evil that can be allowed to happen when the "Pro-Choice" mentality of abortion on demand is lived out:
The Grand Jury Findings into the activities of Dr Grosnell need to be read just to appreciate inevitable point one reaches when one follows the "Pro-Choice" mentality of abortion on demand.

In Victoria things wouldn't be much better for the unborn if "Pro-Choicers" got their way. From Andrew Bolt in 2007:

I thought killing baby Jessica with an injection into her beating heart was so wrong that good people would cry, “enough”.

Surely we’d make sure such a cruelty could never happen again?

Wrong. Instead, Labor MP Candy Broad last week put up a private member’s Bill that her supporters boast will let doctors kill children just like Jessica without any risk of prosecution.

Indeed, this is the only solid reason any of them give for backing it.

And more from Andrew Bolt on the same case of killing baby Jessica.

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