Thursday, July 8, 2010

Science Blog ignores facts to promote hate and misinformation.

PZ Myers, a contributor to Science Blog has decided to contribute some of his time to hate mongering against the Catholic Church and in particular Pope Benedict. He apparently thought Tim Minchin’s rather stupid and factually incorrect ditty on Pope Benedict was truthful enough to put on a science blog. Gee and here I thought scientists deal in facts silly me.

I’m guessing Tim Minchin based his anti-Pope Benedict ditty on the rantings of Christopher HItchens which have been demolished in an article by Sean Murphy complete with 80 footnotes. Which is 80 more than Hitchens provided.

There’s not much difference between the level of factual material found in Tim Minchin’s video and the anti-Catholic videos made by the “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church.

One wonders why PZ Myers of Science Blog chose to promote Tim Minchin’s bit of hate mongering. It’s interesting to also note just how retarded are many of the comments praising PZ Myers’ post. Hopefully these “science type” people aren’t working in a field of science requiring the use of rational thought.

More information on the role of Pope Benedict in preventing and dealing with sex abuse within the Church.

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