Thursday, July 22, 2010

Local Hero - Pro-life advocate facing jail term

Published: 25 July 2010 Catholic Leader
By: Paul Dobbyn

LONG-time Brisbane pro-life activist Graham Preston [who is not a Catholic], expects the police to knock on his door at any moment and take him to jail for unpaid fines relating to his sit-ins in front of abortion clinics.
The father of seven said he could be spending at least seven months in jail for unpaid fines totalling about $7500.
This is despite the remission of more than $4500 of fines by the previous Governor of Queensland after a successful court challenge against police actions moving him on from abortion clinics.
Mr Preston said, having spent more than a total of eight months in custody on four different occasions since he started the protest actions in 2002, "jail is no longer an unknown quantity for me".
Continue reading at the Catholic Leader. Pro-life advocate facing jail term.

Of course "Pro-Choicers" have their heroes too, but they tend to kill the unwanted.

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