Monday, June 21, 2010

The Pope speaks 'for the first time'-- yet again (NYT)

By Diogenes at Catholic Culture | June 11, 2010

"Addressing the sex abuse crisis for the first time from the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI begged forgiveness on Friday…"

That's the opening line of a New York Times report on the Pope's homily during the closing Mass of the Year for Priests. Did your jaw drop as you read it?

"Addressing the sex abuse crisis for the first time…"

What? What?!! How many times in the last several weeks has the Holy Father addressed this topic? How could the Times-- which has micro-analyzed every papal statement-- convey the notion that the June 11 remarks were his first? USA Today, reacting to the same remarks, accurately conveyed the idea that we've heard the apologies before-- many times-- with the headline query:

Will Pope Benedict's apologies for abuse crisis ever be enough?

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