Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From Communism to Christianity

 By Thomas Basil at New Oxford Review

The Catholic Church is often portrayed as mankind's foremost oppressor. But all who level such accusations should make a secularist pilgrimage to Latvia's Museum of [Soviet and Nazi] Occupations in the capital city of Riga. The museum has been given a very conspicuous location in the heart of the city. Photos of foreign dignitary guests line the entrance. It looks like every political figure and popular entertainer who sets foot in Latvia is required to make a visit.
Pilgrims are recommended to meditate on Order No. 001223 given by the Soviet Deputy People's Commissar of Public Security. On the night of June 13, 1941, fifteen thousand Latvians were awakened in the night, given one hour to pack a suitcase, then forced into railway cattle cars to ride for weeks to Siberian gulags. Newspapers and police were silent. Relatives received no information. Train tracks were littered with desperate notes dropped by deportees, some now on display as faded testaments on the museum wall.

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