Friday, July 5, 2013

Pro-abortionists Outraged at Children Protesting Abortion.

As reported by the ABC, pro-abortionists (presumably those at the ABC too) were outraged by Tasmanian school children protesting against abortion.

Tasmanian school children protesting abortion

However in the USA, pro-abortionists are okay with using children to advance the pro-abortion cause.

Texas children from a pro-abortion family supporting the pro-abortion cause.

The signs read:

"If I wanted government in my womb I would F*** a Senator." (Clearly sex education starts early in Texas).

"Every child a wanted child." (I'm not sure the girls holding this sign understand that in the pro-abortion mind set of her mother, the world should rid itself of "unwanted" children, preferably by abortion.).

And from the same pro-abortion protest: Hail Satan!

Texan pro-abortionists doing it for the cause.

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