Thursday, November 18, 2010

Non-Christian Requires Large Quantity of Cotton Wool - Again

Mamma Mia! Don't mention God or Jesus

Cotton Wool CAMMERAY Public School students have been told not to make reference to God or Jesus in the school’s end-of-year concert.

A teacher, who has been counselled by the school, told about 60 year 5 students they could not mention God or Jesus in the concert because it could offend people who were not Christians, a parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Daily.

The annual event involves the entire school, and every class is asked to come up with an idea for a song or play to perform, with ABBA being added to the list.

The school’s principal Pamela Crawley initially denied the religious ban, saying it would have been “crazy” for a teacher to make such a statement, but later, through the Education Department, said the teacher was being counselled over the November 5 incident.

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