Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Queenslanders Really Think About Abortion - The Catholic Leader

“What Queenslanders Really Think About Abortion" warns that an average swing of 12 per cent would be generated against members of State Parliament who voted in favour of decriminalising abortion.

The report has been sent in booklet form to all 89 members of the State Parliament aimed to convince those politicians in the middle the issue of abortion is much more complicated than is commonly presented.

Australian Family Association (AFA) spokesman Alan Baker told a media conference at the launch of the report at the Parliamentary Annexe last Monday, the independent opinion poll also showed there had been no swing in favour of decriminalising abortion since a recent Cairns trial related to abortion.

A Cairns jury on October 14 found a woman not guilty of procuring an abortion and a man not guilty of supplying drugs to procure an abortion.

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Full results of survey can be found here.

As usual the Courier Mail plays a role in pushing the Pro-Abortion agenda.

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