Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Pro-Choice lobby group caught out lying.

Mexico City, Mexico, Sep 3, 2010 / 09:50 pm (CNA).

The governor of the Mexican state of Guanajuato, Juan Manuel Oliva Ramirez, expressed regret this week that some feminist groups lied in their desire to push for abortion. He also rejected the groups' claims that women in his region were imprisoned for having an abortion.

“From the onset we determined that no women were imprisoned for abortion, which was the accusation these feminists groups were making against the state government.” He added, “we have demonstrated that such cases do not exist in Guanajuato.”

Ramirez underscored that the state human rights office and the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights both determined that “no women are in prison for abortion” and that accusations to the contrary were completely false.

Several days ago the U.N. dismissed claims by the feminist group “Las Libres” that “dozens of women” have become victims of Mexican law that protects life from the moment of conception and have been jailed for causing the deaths of their newborn children.

Mexican governor says feminists lied about women being imprisoned for abortion :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Pro-Choice group lobbies to reduce the punishment given to women who murder their new born baby.

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